Best Cricket Games For Android- Play like Cricketers

Cricket is Religion in some part of World like India. This Game is followed by every Person Celebrities to Common man. This Game connect all  classes.  This  game is received with an great enthusiasm in many countries. People just follow it. They want Every Update and They Play it Even on Street. They are Connected with Gentleman Game in every Possible way.

So in this Smartphone Era, People are more busy with their phones. So, we have tried to bring you the best Cricket Games of All time , which you can play on Your Smartphone.

We have arrange them on basis of Gaming Experience, which include Graphics, Technologies and Modes.

1. World Cricket Championship 2

cricket games for android

This Game is most Dynamic and Best graphic Cricket Game of all time. You can play all three Format – TEST, ODI and T20.

Graphics are just Fantastics.

The Famous shots are included in this Game like  Dil-scoop, the Helicopter shot as well as the Upper-Cut, which give s you great feeling of cricketer.

This game have 300+ Milion Download from Google Play Store.

This Game was Peoples choice in 2015.

Download Here:-

2. Stick Cricket Premier League

best cricket games for android

Cricket Rules are improving for Batting. This is one of the cricketing apps that is particulrly for Batting.

Stand nd Hit. No much movement. Yo

there are just two optical buttons for shot selection. simple.

if your Timing is Great then then you can play Play Good Cricket, this is what this game teaches us.

There is no bowling option. only Batting.

Download Here:-

3.Cricket WorldCup Fever

Best cricket games for android - Cricket fever

It is complete cricket gaming app for your Android phone.

Play the game in the standard One-day(ODI) or Test match cricket rules.

You can customize your game by selecting from different options – Difficulty settings, Venues and Match duration in the form of over’s.

  • High quality 3d characters and stadiums
  • Full Dynamic Fielding
  •  Change your bowling strategy during the match.
  • Full “Replay” mode

Download here:-   


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4. Big Bash Cricket

Best cricket games for android-  Big Bash Cricket

Actually, Big Bash  is a League owned by Cricket Australia. It is Major hit in Cricket After IPL. So, cricket australia comes with this  App ‘Big Bash Cricket’. 

It has much better GUI .

Download Link:-



So, these were best Cricket Games for Android You should try at least once in Your Life time. If you are Cricket Mad Lover., you will definitely like them.

These all are Free on Google Play Store.

Let Us know How was Your Experience With these games.


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