Cricket World Cup History

Cricket World Cup - Cricket Roast

Cricket World Cup is organised By ICC (International Cricket Council) after every 4 years of One-Day International (ODI) matches. It is world’s most viewed sporting events. Much waited Tournament for Every Cricket Lover.


The inaugural Cricket World Cup was hosted in 1975 by England. It was known as The Prudential World Cup, after its sponser  Prudential.  The matches consisted of 60 six-ball overs per team. All players wearing cricket whites and using red cricket balls.

Eight teams participated in the first tournament:-

  1. Australia
  2. England
  3. India
  4. New Zealand
  5. Pakistan
  6. West Indies
  7. Sri Lanka
  8. Africa

West Indies emerges as Winner of First World Cup Tounament, who defeated Australia by 17 runs in the final at Lord’s.

1979 Worlds Cup 


cricket world cup winner 1979


West Indies again emerges as winner of second consecutive Cricket World Cup tournament. West Indies  defeated  the hosts England by 92 runs in the final.

1983 World Cup 

Again hosted by England for a successive third  time.

Fielding Circle (30 yards )was Introduced for first in Cricket.

cricket world cup 1983

India Shocked Every Cricket Pundits in 83 and Emerges as Winner of This World Cup. India defeated Most favorable  and Strongest team of that Time, West Indies by 43 Runs in Final.

1987 World Cup 

First Time Tournament Hosted Outside England. Hosts were two Nations :- India and Pakistan.

Fist time Overs were reduced to 50 Overs.

cricket world cup 1987 - croicket roast

India was Favorite Team of this Tournament, But Australia Win this World Cup by deating England in Final by 7 Runs.

1992 World Cup 

hosted By Australia and New Zealand.

First Time Coloured Shirts, White ball ,Day/Night matches were introduced.

South Africa participated for first Time.


And Again Another Asian Team shocked Everyone and Emerges as Winner. It was Pakistan led by Imran Khan defeat England in Final by 22 runs.

1996 World Cup

Held in Indian Subcontinental for Second Time.

cricket world cup 1996

Sri Lanka win their first World Cup Tounament by defeating Australia in Final.

1999 World Cup 

Hosted By England. 12 Team fought for This Championship.

cricket world cup 1999

Australia Win 1999 World Cup by defeating Pakistan in Final. in semifinal people witness a tied match between SA and Australia in Group stage and in Semi Final.

2003 World Cup 

South Africa, Zimbabwe and Kenya hosted 2003 World Cup. 14 Teams contend for this Championship. Kenya, an associate team reached Semi Final.

cricket world cup 2003

Australia Defeated India in Final and Emerges as Champions.

2007 World Cup

West indies hosted this Tournament. Total no. of teams reached to 16 from 14 previous cup. Pakistan humiliating loss to Ireland in Group Stage and They were out from Tournament. Pakistan Coach Bob Woolmer found dead next morning due to Heart Failure.

cricket world cup 2007

Again Australia Emerges as Winner defeated Sri Lanka in Final.

2011 World Cup 

Asian Giants India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh together hosted 2011 world Cup.


cricket world cup 2011

India Won their second World cup  by defeating Sri Lanka in Final by 6 Wicket. India also become the first country to win the final on home soil.

2015 World Cup 

Australia and New Zealand jointly hosted.

cricket world cup 2015

Australia defeated New Zealand by seven wickets in the final at Melbourne to lift the World Cup for the fifth time.


2019 World Cup 

England and Wales will host 10 country on their Soil for ICC Cricket World Cup Championship.  Zimbabwe  will miss the World Cup for the first time since 1983.

Group Collisions will start from 30 May 2019.

The group stage format is a round-robin, where all ten teams play each other once. similar format was previously used in the 1992 Cricket World Cup.

The Final will be played on 14 July 2019 at Lords “Mecca of Cricket”. 

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